Granite Doctor was founded in 2013 by Mark Ptselnikov with its own deeper roots.

It all started back in Europe in 1995 where his father was working with stone quarry, which inspired Mark to pursue natural stone business of his own in the U.S.

After having seen his father working with the passion toward natural stones, Mark decided to take a similar path of profession; therefore, he took specialized course to learn more about natural stones such as granite, marble, travertine, and innovative, engineered stone like quartz. In 2003, Mark and his family has moved to the U.S., where all the possibilities and opportunities welcome them warmly.

In 2006, officially, Granite Doctor began its own journey as formally named Bee Construction, in Denver, Colorado where construction industry was expanding rapidly. Bee Construction had a great success and was a preferred constructor to the commercial companies for fabrication and installation of countertops.

With the growth of Bee Construction, company decided to widen the possibility of its service, in which Mark initiated unique, specialized projects such as repairing damaged floors and countertops.

In 2013, with the high demand of repair and restoration of natural and engineered stones in Bee Construction, Mark founded specialized company as a sister company, a brainchild of Granite Doctor. Thanks to the reputation of quality repair and restoration that Mark has provided under Bee Construction, Granite Doctor has grown rapidly with the same, steadfast motto “Restoration Is Our World”— devoted to repair and restorations with quality European craftsmanship to any kinds of natural and engineered stones.

In 2015, Aleksandr Sasha Kuznetsov, Mark’s long standing friend from high school, joined the company to enhance Granite Doctor with the background of Industrial Design education. “Unlike fabrication and installation, repair and restoration is a whole new spectrum like the artistry where the sense of design is a required skill to mimic the natural veins of stones, match the unique colors of stones, patterns etc… That is why we Granite Doctor is contracted with top granite flooring companies, suppliers and builders in Denver Colorado. This is not a labor job, but rather an art of work where artistry and craftsmanship meet.” — General Manager, Aleksandr Sasha Kuznetsov.